What's on your list?

26 - Help a Stranger


"In case of an emergency oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. 
Please put yours on first before helping others"

What started as a story of one man's quest to find happiness through creating and achieving a list of 100 Things, has now blossomed over 10 years into a global movement. Turned into a reality show, a best selling book and a renowned motivational keynote, the journey continues to make a positive impact in ways never planned! Now inspired by like-minded people from all around the world, 100 Things is a thriving community, open to anyone who has ever dreamed.



1. Running with Bulls 
2. Marry a Stranger in Vegas
3. Bet $1000 on Black (Roulette)
4. Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality
5. Save a Life
6. Complete a Triathlon
7. Feature in a Bollywood Movie

8. Olympic Ski Jump
9. Be in a Dance Video Clip 
10. Chase a Tornado 

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